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Kalisimbi Shop is a partnership and family owned business. We are your number one-stop destination for all your African, Caribbean and Asian food products in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We provide a range of tropical and organic food products from across all Africa. Also Kalisimbi Shop imports fruits and vegetables such as Egg Plants, Aka Garden Eggs, Matoke, Hot Chilli, Sweet Potatoes, Yams and freshly processed agricultural produced from East and Central Africa. We also provide Beauty supplies and Hair Extensions as well as Skin Care products that our customers have grown to enjoy and love.

At Kalisimbi Shop we make it a priority to provide superior quality products and service to our valued customer.

Glance at Rawanda and Mount Kalisimbi

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, also called the “Land of a Thousand Hills” is a landlocked East African country with evergreen mountains and landscapes.
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Mountain Kalisimbi
is the highest peak 4,507m in the volcanic Virunga Mountains of East-Centra Africa. It lies on the boarder of the Democratic Republics of Congo and Rwanda, 29km northeast of Goma, in the Virunga National Park. Kalisimbi is the habitat of gorillas and golden monkeys and many plants species.
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